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Paul Hutcheson has been self-producing through his company Canuck Hutch Productions since 2003. The company’s first performances were made in-and for-the neighborhood of Parkdale, bringing art and community together. Through Canuck Hutch Productions, Paul has produced five solo monologue comedies. These shows have toured Canada and the United States playing to sold-out audiences and glowing reviews. The company also produces a comedy event called Hutch & Friends in Toronto and recurring cabaret shows (Pride Package, Queerly Canadian, Canuck Cabaret) in Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Puerto Vallarta and New York City. Co- produced by Horse Trade Theatre (NYC) Canuck Cabaret had been produced sixty times over five years with performers from Canada and the USA. Canuck Cabaret was a critic’s pick for three years in Time Out NY. Canuck Hutch productions has since formed a relationship with the legendary queer performing space The Duplex to produce the company’s solo and cabaret work.

"Take Jim Carry’s physical antics and Napoleon Dynamite’s unconventional charm and you get Paul Hutcheson."

Winnipeg Sun

"The geek-y sex appeal is there, trust me."


"It’s refreshing to see a performer so in tune with his audience as Hutcheson. This show is worth seeing at least twice."

Planet S Magazine, Saskatoon

"Hutcheson manages to turn disruptive moments into tiny, perfect comic pearls."

Calgary Herald

"Although this opening night performance was plagued with technical difficulties, Hutcheson rolled with it so naturally you were left wondering if they were intentional."

Monday Magazine, Victoria

"Paul Hutcheson’s riffs on a teen quest for porn and releasing his inner gay will have you laughing and crying at the same time."

Winnipeg Sun

"I think the New York scene needs a few more Paul Hutchesons."

The Happiest Medium, NYC

"Hutcheson deserves your attention, give it to him and you’ll find that you are the lucky one."


"An engaging show with impressive emotional scope."

Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg

"The performer’s name is Paul Hutcheson and his production was everything a one-man show should be."

CBC Winnipeg

"His life stories are tightly-written and expertly performed, and he is willing to compromise his own dignity to create that moment of awesome, shocking theatre magic."

SEE Magazine, Edmonton

"..he demonstrates a wonderful set of performing chops and comic timing to die for."

Calgary Herald

"For those who like their men nervous and confessional (think David Sedaris rather than Woody Allen), get ready to propose."


"He’s also an incredibly endearing and confident performer…through all the laughter and amazement re:  facial gymnastics, I felt a kinship to Hutcheson and his tales-now that’s good storytelling."

The Hour,

"Hutcheson has crafted something so personable that he touches his audience without even trying."


"The script is sharp and observational, made all the more hilarious by Hutcheson’s brand of rubber-faced physical comedy."

Monday Magazine, Victoria

"Hutcheson’s physical antics and comic dance moves will have you in stitches, while his compassion may move you to tears."

Winnipeg Sun

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